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Executive Director Note


Renee Touhey-Childress, LCSW

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone! I have been humbled by the magnitude of generosity that is shown by this community on a daily basis, generosity that has allowed Dover Children’s Home to be successful in our efforts to help youth reclaim their lives and reach their full potential.

Our mission of providing innovative care was challenged this year as we were faced with an increase of older adolescents requiring unique support and services. Programming was adapted to focus more heavily on youth’s readiness for independence, and the need for extended placements. These extended placements, past age 18, allowed us to support youth longer, ensuring that they were as prepared as possible for life on their own while learning to be positive and productive members of the community. We were challenged with providing more intensive independent living skills to our population; however, I am thrilled to report that this challenge has not only been met, but the services being provided are comprehensive and proving to be successful.

I am honored to report many accomplishments that we’ve achieved this year: three of our residents graduated with high school diplomas; two of those kiddos were accepted and went on to college; one of our graduates earned his license, bought a car, moved into his own apartment, and is working full-time; each of our residents has been employed in the community throughout this year; the children were rewarded with a trip to Nashville, Tennessee for all of their hard work in school last year; one of our residents attended a “Week at Sea” program; DCH is fully staffed by an amazing team of dedicated individuals; independent life skills programming has been enhanced to better meet the needs of our population; and, last but certainly not least, our community has continued to support all of these efforts so that each kiddo who comes through the door of Dover Children’s Home may receive the most individualized, innovative, and complete support, services and care possible!

With such a phenomenal year, how will we ever top it? We’ll focus on meeting the needs of more vulnerable NH youth and continue enhancing our support and services!! I am also very excited for this upcoming year because 2019 marks 126 YEARS of service by Dover Children’s Home! I hope you’ll be a part of our celebrations of this incredible milestone!

On behalf of the children and staff of Dover Children’s Home, thank you… from the bottom of our hearts… for supporting our mission and helping us to enrich the lives of some of  NH’s most vulnerable youth!