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Services Provided

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Dover Children’s Home is a non-profit, intermediate-level residential treatment program designed to provide a wide array of community-based services for up to 19 boys and girls, ages 10 – 20, who have been abused or neglected or who have committed delinquent acts.  We proudly serve children from all NH communities.

Click here for a copy of our Program Manual.

The Home has a strong family component that supports and encourages family reunification by offering an extended overnight visitation room for families and visiting resources; family event days (i.e. cookouts, dinners, movie nights); flexible visiting hours; and frequent opportunities for active family participation in the day-to-day activities of the program.  As a family-centered program, services are constantly adjusted to accommodate each family’s needs and strengths.

Dover Children’s Home strives to provide children and families with as many opportunities as possible to experience success and personal growth.  It is our belief that participation in age appropriate, therapeutic, and normalized activities will help children become positive community members.

The Home provides a structured living environment in which the children are encouraged to develop and utilize appropriate behaviors and social skills. Teams of adolescent counselors provide numerous experiences for the children throughout each day to enhance normal social, emotional, and educational development.  These objectives are met through individual, group, and family counseling; academic tutoring; recreational and therapeutic activities; a predictable daily structure; consistent supervision; accountability meetings; behavior management techniques; individualized treatment plans; and skill-building courses.

For 125 years, Dover Children’s Home has successfully helped families and children address their issues, enhance their strengths, and develop more appropriate coping and living skills.  The ultimate goal of the program is to help children return to their families or live in more independent settings such as a kinship home, foster home, their own apartment, Job Corps, or on a college campus.

In order to prepare children for their ultimate transition to a less restrictive setting, the program focuses on the development of independent living skills.  Many of the children participate in a state-certified independent living course to further develop skills such as obtaining a driver’s license; budgeting money; maintaining a savings account; creating a resume; planning and preparing nutritionally balanced meals; obtaining employment; maintaining a vehicle; applying to colleges; and understanding rental agreements.


• Short Term Stabilization
• Emergency Placements
• ISO Respite Stays
• Extended Residential Care
• Independent Living in an On-Site Apartment (see below)
• Structured Day Programming


• Behavior Management
• Crisis Intervention
• Independent Living Preparation
• Academic Tutoring and In-School Support
• 4:1 Child to Staff Ratio
• Overnight Family Visitation Apartment
• Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
• Recreational and Therapeutic Activities
• Structured Schedules
• Individualized Treatment Plans
• Skill Building Courses

PILOT HOUSE: Providing Independent Living Opportunities for Teens

The PILOT House apartment program helps prepare older adolescents for life as a successful adult.  The two-bedroom apartment, on the grounds of Dover Children’s Home, allows youth to practice life skills and gain valuable experience living independently. Passive staff support is available to assist the youth in problem solving and skill building.